Sannine source is famous for the majesty of its mountains, the quality and abundance of its water.

Natural Mineral Water

Sannine water is coming from the mountains of Lebanon at an altitude of 1’500 m and is filled in a factory surrounded by a private protected area of 270.000 square meters. Sannine was the first mineral water company in the Middle East to obtain the ISO 9002 Certificate for its quality system in February 1998 as well as HACCP certificate.

In conformity with European and French standards, Sannine has three basic properties of a NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Chemically, Sannine is considered as a bicarbonated water containing calcium, magnesium as well as moderate levels of sodium and sulphates. As a mineral water Sannine is distinguished by a total absence of nitrates and other toxic substances. Thanks to its stable chemical composition, low and balanced level of mineral content, Sannine, a pure and light drinking water, is suitable without any counter-indication to all climates and to daily human needs.

Available in 500ml and 1.5 L