Only the best pasta
can inspire your best ideas.
Panzani express yourself
When it comes to pasta, sauces and couscous, do you like the best in life? Panzani does too.
Quality matters !

The Products


A by-word for good times, pasta is ideal for family dinners or meals with friends!


To cook your dishes your way, there is nothing better than Panzani sauces! Deliciously prepared tomatoes for great gourmet moments.


Coming in a fine or medium version, the Panzani couscous adapts to all your sweet and savoury recipes. The only limit is your imagination!

Our New Range of Pasta

Fresh Pastas, Organic Pasta, Gluten Free Pasta
& Wheat and Cereals Pasta

Available exclusively at Carrefour, UAE.
Fresh Pasta

A dry pasta as good as a fresh pasta is possible with Panzani! These pastas result from a unique know-how. They have been prepared, kneaded and shaped like fresh pasta, which gives them this exceptional taste and that firm and melting sensation in the mouth.
Fresh Penne Garganelli
Fresh Tagliatelle
Fresh Farfalle
Fresh Lasagne
Organic Pasta

Panzani Organic Pasta has two advantages: it is as good for you as it is for the environment. Resulting from a reasoned agriculture, Panzani Organic Pasta retains this unique and tasty flavor that guarantees Panzani quality. When we can combine pleasure and benefits, it's even better. All new, all organic ... And always so good!
Organic Spaghetti
Organic Coquillettes
Organic Torti
Organic Tagliatelle
Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten Free Spaghetti
Gluten Free Coquillettes