Offering the consumer
the secrets of the authentic
TexMex kitchen at home

Cantina Mexicana offers a perfectly balanced line of Mexican Products. A strategic concept that perfectly interacts with the interests of the consumer for convenient prepared dishes, which are tasty, healthy and unique.

The Products

Tortilla's & Tacos

At your convenience, add only salad, mince meat, chicken or beef … and your dish is complete. Off course Cantina Mexicana offers the possibilities to be creative while cooking yourself.

Chips & Dips

The tortilla chips combined with the variety of sauces, are a healthy and tasteful to start, or just as a snack

Sauces & Seasoning Mix

With the seasonings and sauces of Cantina Mexicana your dishes will gain a swinging ‘Salsa Accent’.

Beans & Jalapeños

Your meal will become a real party, enjoyed by everyone.

Our New Organic Range

Taco & Tortilla

Tacos in complete dinner packages contain all the basic ingredients, required for a full, quick and simple prepared meal.

6 Tacotubs
8 Tacos kit
12 Taco Shells
Organic Tortilla
Seasoning Mix
Organic Taco Mix
Organic Fajita Mix
Organic Burrito Mix
Organic Guacamole Mix
Sauces & Dips
Organic Taco Sauce Mild
Organic Taco Sauce Hot
Organic Salsa Picante
Organic Salsa Mexicana
Organic Salsa Dip Mild
Organic Salsa Dip Hot
Organic Jalapeno

Our Regular Range

Tacos & Tortilla's

Taco Dinners

Tacos in complete dinner packages contain all the basic ingredients, required for a full, quick and simple prepared meal.

6 Taco kit
12 Taco kit
12 Tacoshells
Tortilla Dinners

Inside the Burrito (for beef)-and Fajita (for chicken) dinner/kit you’ll find flour tortillas special seasoning and salsa.

8 Burrito kit
8 Fajita kit

Packed in various sizes as well as flavored to the authentic taste of salsa and garlic.

6 Garlic Tortillas 8"
6 Salsa Tortillas 8"
8 Flour Tortillas 8"
6 Flour Tortillas 10"
6 Multi Grain Tortillas
10 Mini Tortillas
6 Corn Tortillas

Chips & Dips


“Stoneground” corn, to preserve the unique fresh flavor, and a better “crispy” chip

Natural Tortilla Chips
Cheese Tortilla Chips
Chili Tortilla Chips
Natural Nacho Chips

Dips for the chips with a variety of flavours.

Hot Tortilla Dip
Mild Tortilla Dip
Nacho Cheese Dip
Guacamole Dip

Sauces & Seasoning Mix


Authentic Mexican name for this is “Salsa”.

Taco Sauce Mild
Taco Sauce Hot
Salsa Picante
Salsa Mexicana
Wrap Sauce
Seasoning Mix

Blend into an authentic taste, adds a unique flavor to your dish.

Burrito Mix
Taco Mix
Fajita Mix
Guacamole Mix
Chili Mix

Beans & Jalapeños


The bases for mexican food.

Red Kidney Beans
Whole Black Beans
Refried Beans
Mexican Beans-Chili

alapenos, ripened in the sun and green with a full flavor.

Jalapeño Pepper Sliced
Red Jalapeño Pepper Sliced
Jalapeño Pepper Whole

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