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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold pressed • Acidity less than 0.8% • Strong flavor profile
Virgin Olive Oil
Acidity less than 1% • Medium strength flavor profile
Olive Pomace Oil
Acidity less than 1% • Subtle flavor profile

Our Oils

Hailed as one of the world's healthiest fats and extracted directly from the fruit, olive oil is one of
the oldest staples of the Mediterranean kitchen. Our extra virgin olive oil is of the highest
organoleptic and chemical standards, making it delicious as an accompaniment to many dishes as well as
eaten by itself. Our other grades include olive oil, which is perfect for dressings, and olive
pomace oil that, with a much subtler taste, is more suited to cooking.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extracted directly from the olive fruit, Extra Virgin Olive
Oil is the highest grade olive oil you can consume.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from some of the world's
most famous olive producers found in the region of Andalucia, Spain.
With every order our team tastes a number of different samples in order
to always select the best flavour profile for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Virgin Olive Oil

Only about 30% of the world's olives can be used to extract Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
the rest of the oil extracted needs to be refined in order to make it fit for consumption.
Our Olive Oil has a high ratio of virgin olive oil to refined olive oil making it distinct
from most other olive oils in the market.

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Olive Pomace Oil

After the first cold extraction of olive oil, olives undergo a second extraction to yield the olive
pomace oils that are used. Our team mixes a high ratio of virgin olive oils to refined olive pomace
oils in the production of its olive pomace oils. It is the olive oil of choice for those looking for
an alternative to cooking with animal fats or much more processed vegetable oils.

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