St Mamet

St Mamet is the French brand of the fruit for more than 60 years now

Born of the passion of a handful of arboriculturists. We are the fruit in all its forms (or almost): Fruit salad in pieces, fruit in pieces, fruit cups, compotes ... The South of France is our natural anchor.

The Products

The Compotes

Funny compotes for the Little ones! 12 berlingots in a pack to collect and animate. A 100% recyclable berlingot to drink with straw. Very consensual perfumes: A favorite for the little ones.

The Fruits in Pieces

Good and healthy fruits. Without preservatives. Produced from sustainable and responsible agriculture. In individual cups to take them anywhere and family formats to share or cook.

The Compotes

Berlingos Jungle
Berlingos Safari

Fruits in pieces

The Mediterraneans
Peaches 425g
Peaches 850g
Apricots 410g
Apricots 820g
Pears 425g
Pears 850g
The Red Fruits
The Exotics
Pineapple Sticks
Pineapple & Papaya Sticks
The Fruit Salads
Fruit Cocktail
Island Freshness
The Sugar-free Fruit Salads
My Fruit Sweetness
My Fruit Paradise
Pears Vanilla
Sweet Peaches
Pineapple Mandarin
Pineapple Coconut